Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Birgit Ramsauer - Maulwürfe; Galerie Open

Super Ausstellung! Auf keine Fall verpassen!

Birgit Ramsauer - Maulwürfe
Körperinterventionen in Architektur
October 29 - December 5, 2009
Opens Thursday, October 29, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Galerie OPEN

Birgit Ramsauer’s current show includes photographs from her “ART: HOME-LESS” and “Moles” series, as well as light boxes from her “Paris, Baskirzev Grave” series.

Ramsauer works with various media but is best known for her performances, documented with photography and DVD. These performances follow in the footsteps of early 20th century experimental film from the Dada, Surrealist and Constructivist movements. Often, she plays a central role in her films; however, equally as often, the locations, architecture, and every day objects serve as the leading “characters”. Through these performances, she reveals that every day, mundane human actions and things have a much greater sociological and cultural relevance.

Through Ramsauer’s performance project “ART: HOME-LESS”, created in 1997, her visits to New York , Marseille, Moscow and Berlin , document unconscious, human actions. In her series “Paris, Baskirzev Grave” the artist visits various locations around Paris described in stories, taking Polaroids of them all. This series is a bit different because the photos are then painted, according to colors specically selected by the artist. Her latest body of work, “Moles”, continues her exploration of the impact a common action has on the grander scheme of a society. “Moles”, an homage to Günter Eichs’ poem, shows the artist within architectural monuments, striking poses with her body in ways that creates deliberate humor. Ramsauer explains that her aim is to “bring awareness to certain characteristics that define the inner texture of a specific social environment”. Each of her performances is documented with a photograph, freezing the action as evidence of the performance, and in this way, elevating the action to a tangible photograph which serves as an icon.

Birgit Ramsauer was born in Germany in 1962 and has been based in Berlin since 1992. She is an international artist, exhibiting, lecturing and teaching in Europe and the U.S.

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