Saturday, May 28, 2016

SEEING Art in Berlin -- Museum The Kennedys

SEEING Art in Berlin

Now you see now you don't. Images are only as good as our judgements which lead our awareness of what is or isn't essential or inspiring or revolutionary or bizarre.
What if the very thing you are staring at right now is the key to the house of happiness but you just look past it or glance at it with a label attached in your mind that says not of value to me anymore.

Recently a young man laid down his reading glasses on the floor of a museum, the reason is not important. The point is that people started to assume things like that these ordinary run of the mill even cheap glasses are special. They caught some else's attention and in the context of being in a museum he started to take photographs of it and others joined all in the assumption that it was Art and part of the display.

Now don't rush to judgement and say stupid people maybe they are smart they participated rather than being passive observers or professional judgers.

The photographs you are seeing in this contextual art presentation are part of a great building that houses a great restaurant, fabulous art galleries and a museum not just any but called the Kennedy Museum which of course brings up associations in us from the news that has infiltrated every aspect of our lives even if it is old news.

In my case I was more inspired by the furniture in the space then the art display and in my mind at least I elevated them into the sphere of high brow art. I was able to that because I have very expensive camera that can elevate even a pimple on ones face to a beauty mark.

Contemplate your navel not to waste time but to come to fresh realization every time you feel inspired to do so. Don't just run around with your cell phone camera and take quick pics. That's like stealing and then throwing the fruit away.

Seeing art in Berlin is like smelling the roses in a flower shop sure it is artificial but it is as close as we get to reality without leaving it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Carsten Nicolai "reflektor distortion at Galerie Eigen + Art, Berlin

Carsten Nicolai

"reflektor distortion"

until May 28, 2016 in Berlin

Reflection is distortion, is the process the mind uses to make sense of what can't be understood through touch and taste but is transmitted through our visual cortex and identified as environmental stimulation.

We are conditioned to function in a simple world inhabited by the natural but since the development of our frontal lobe we also have to deal with our imagination which led to the cultural, industrial, social and communication revolution.
Our life has become impulse oriented and in the process we became addicted to mini dopamine releases that give us a sense of superiority in context to what is considered other by which I mean in different to the way we see ourselves these days as Selfies....

We are hunting for stimulation in all corners of our urbanity and in this case find light and stripes and optical illusions, refelctions and disorientation which we find entertaining because they make no sense in the sense that they have no direct use for us.

Our thoughts self organize and built a logical construct out of the illogical.
That's why we are so fascinated with Art and these experimentations don't fail to do so as well.

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distorted photography by Richard Schemmerer

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Berlin Dumpster diving by Richard Schemmerer

Dumpster diving

What is history but a dumpster of our collective conscience. What is the past but the dumpster for our atrocities. What is yesterday but today on repeat button. Potsdamerplatz is now Sony center a movie house complex, A Rastafari teaches his son German a Turkish boy loves the spectacle of the candles in a catholic church a white blond girl lives as a wife of a Salafist. The West has found its Mitte so did the East both claim the same Story one as winner the other as loser. It all is called Berlin it all is everybody's dream landfill, the IT place to live out a vision of a multi-culti society with warts, scars and bandages but united by the will to survive as equal parts of the same equation. Berlin is not just a historical dumpster but also a human one with the discarded with the ne w born next to each other looking for ways to survive from the rubble rebuild and gentrified or otherwise left as reminders of a reality that some times or even most of the time takes its toll up front but for sure at the end of the journey.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Berlin Castle Porn by Richard Schemmerer

Berlin Castle Porn

In this contemporary world we romanticized castle and with it its parks art and sculptures. We stare at the naked wonders in awe of the craftsmanship forgetting that it was an elite that glorified themselves in these monuments of decadence. The body is displayed in full frontal view even if the morals of the day were oppressive at least to the populous that stood under the control of religious zealotry.
Millions of tourist race to take in the nude masterpieces to re-imagine history to their fitting but history is not in the eye of the beholder or the winner. It carries forward the mistakes and the atrocities committed against the powerless masses. sorry to say that this principle has still not changed.

Just like in real Porn theses displays cover up the systematic mind manipulation that we are exposed to. This promotion of past glamour is reflected in contemporary society through advertising and the amplified projections of body image creating a artificial need in us to become more then we actually are.

Berlin is littered with naked remnants and a good reminder that the pendulum has to kept in balance to be healthy for body and mind.

Photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin

Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

now also in your neighboring Hood

or Street Art Museum. The question arises why? But of course it is to give legitimacy to a maybe not new movement but one that can't be overlooked anymore with its anarchistic approach to art promotion. Of course it's also about the money and the marketability of certain artists and their representatives but why not. Art is big business and Museums are the leaders in this arena of mega presentations of Artist as gladiators of intellectual prowess.

Pinups are becoming contemporary once more because they are sprayed on giant house walls. This seems ironic but the Street art Graffiti scene doesn't care because it is all about appropriation anyway. Take what's old and claim it as a fresh way communicate our discord with society.

Berlin seems to be the perfect place with its rundown image and facades that are always eager to be polished with the next best anti trend and slogans with social political context. Radical radicalism is the mantra in this city that has embraced the Nazis as well as the Turks.
A wall a provocation as a sign of the times as a canvas for expression of the mood that has gripped not just Berlin but parts of the world namely a generation of disenfranchised Humans that now want to claim a stake to the body Earth that is left like a buffet ravaged but the past's indulgences.

Blame is handed out like free tags that mark most architectural treasure in this city that loves to party in bunkers pocked with bullet holes. The city as gallery has been overrated and had little societal impact besides being absorbed by society and by the art market always greedy for new imagery to consume repackage and re=-sell to us the dumb down art sheeps.

ART is traded for money pieces of buildings walls arte carried into auction houses if the name is Banksy. Everybody is banking on the bankability of the consigned werks. Art as bridge between not the cultures but the rich and the soon to be richer and the handful of street artist that are going to elevated but this dictatorship of taste. Urban art as misguided approach to enforce democratic priniciples but forgetting that taste is in the eye of the beholder and ones master piece is another's eye sore.

Art for the masses is like camembert for the masses, is stinks after awhile.

If you are still curious about the rapp that is served up hot from the butts mouth follow its progression as Schoeneberg's Buildings are painted to reflect what has been explained to us by the likes Of Jeffrey Deicht.

The Urban Nation is alive and has become a demographic that is of course in need of fresh members to buy the prints t-shirts and stickers that keep the same lame apparatus of commercialization of art and its forms alive.

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Photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

Friday, May 20, 2016

Toy Toy Toy at Isabelle Gabrijel Galerie

Toy Toy Toy Forever


at Isabelle Gabrijel Galerie

Toys bring luck they are like talismans that help us through childhood.
As adults we collect them to keep the inner child in us alive because
life's trials and tribunals punish us for being in the flow of the moment
where we can loose ourselves to refresh our soul

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