Sunday, May 22, 2016

Museum for Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin

Museum for Urban Contemporary Art

now also in your neighboring Hood

or Street Art Museum. The question arises why? But of course it is to give legitimacy to a maybe not new movement but one that can't be overlooked anymore with its anarchistic approach to art promotion. Of course it's also about the money and the marketability of certain artists and their representatives but why not. Art is big business and Museums are the leaders in this arena of mega presentations of Artist as gladiators of intellectual prowess.

Pinups are becoming contemporary once more because they are sprayed on giant house walls. This seems ironic but the Street art Graffiti scene doesn't care because it is all about appropriation anyway. Take what's old and claim it as a fresh way communicate our discord with society.

Berlin seems to be the perfect place with its rundown image and facades that are always eager to be polished with the next best anti trend and slogans with social political context. Radical radicalism is the mantra in this city that has embraced the Nazis as well as the Turks.
A wall a provocation as a sign of the times as a canvas for expression of the mood that has gripped not just Berlin but parts of the world namely a generation of disenfranchised Humans that now want to claim a stake to the body Earth that is left like a buffet ravaged but the past's indulgences.

Blame is handed out like free tags that mark most architectural treasure in this city that loves to party in bunkers pocked with bullet holes. The city as gallery has been overrated and had little societal impact besides being absorbed by society and by the art market always greedy for new imagery to consume repackage and re=-sell to us the dumb down art sheeps.

ART is traded for money pieces of buildings walls arte carried into auction houses if the name is Banksy. Everybody is banking on the bankability of the consigned werks. Art as bridge between not the cultures but the rich and the soon to be richer and the handful of street artist that are going to elevated but this dictatorship of taste. Urban art as misguided approach to enforce democratic priniciples but forgetting that taste is in the eye of the beholder and ones master piece is another's eye sore.

Art for the masses is like camembert for the masses, is stinks after awhile.

If you are still curious about the rapp that is served up hot from the butts mouth follow its progression as Schoeneberg's Buildings are painted to reflect what has been explained to us by the likes Of Jeffrey Deicht.

The Urban Nation is alive and has become a demographic that is of course in need of fresh members to buy the prints t-shirts and stickers that keep the same lame apparatus of commercialization of art and its forms alive.

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Photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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