Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brent Wadden "about Time" at Perez Projects Berlin

Brent Wadden "about Time" at Perez Projects

Art commentary by Richard Schemmerer

Its "About Time"

Irregular triangles compete for center stage trying to connect with each other at various points like in a ritualistic dance or a menagerie of geometry that doesn't care about its boundaries.

These works don't arise from some computer generated grid but are guided by the mental brush that is held by a steadfast fast hand. The human touch seems to be at the center of this these woven tableaus with there primitive message calling us to find a way back to the roots of existence.

"The human experience is basically irrational." Keith Haring, 1984.

This a lovely quote that describes this conundrum, our conundrum to try to be more than we are by reducing everything into logic and binary codes. Doesn't that sound like putting lip stick on a donkey hoping it turns into a pretty girl.

These paintings are pretty in a sense that they are pleasant to look at in their muted monochromatic shading. They are non threatening while life is constantly threatening us with extinction of we don't behave.

We want to reject that notion of contemporality and aim for longevity but the only thing we can hope for is that our Art outlives us.

In today's world we have the luxury to design our world around us but it is about time that we realize that this is a luxury that can't be sustained. We are crafted in the image of Nature not to supersede its purpose.

Brent Wadden's paintings are crafted, designed and inspired. They weave disparate techniques, styles and concepts into a cohesive fabric to remind us that besides being an individual we are also a tapestry held together by the same strands of ideas. If one unravels all others fall apart with it.

His work seems to try to remind us that sure life is flawed but it is the only one we have.

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