Sunday, December 18, 2016

In a framed state of mind by Richard Schemmerer

In a framed state of mind

In and out of the frame

Feed me twitter feeds like you mean it
mean that you need to be in constant contact with an outer realm
that has invaded your inner sanctuary like a terrorist a foreign country
feed me trivial pursuits that suit my character that
play to my strength in denial in subversiveness
to be the glib the glitch in history in the unmaking
with a mind framed like a picture on Window's 10
hanging on the cliff of the instagrammed apocalypse
facebook me your status while you update me
on my relationship with the who is who and the ones who are not
with our life's available as google streams for our children to watch
with a sound track from every MTV awards pod cast
charge it all to sentimentality charge it to GOD and pay with bitcoin
to be virtually indestructible for an infinite eternity
circling in large loops through space and time and memory
to be re discovered and animated by alien life on Terra Sublimina

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