Sunday, June 5, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art -- Watching the Watchers-- by Richard Schemmerer

Watching the Watchers
how to look interested at art while being watched by others

Who is watching what and is art really the main course at these new style of public display events for the so labeled education of the masses that is busy soaking in cheap drinks and taking snapshots of their on life in the social cultural arena.

we have learned to be our onw stars in our own home style soap streamed directly into our brains cavities providing free content not just on multi media platforms but also our brain circuits.

We are the party of one with guests as our synapsis fire on all five basic senses plus one undefined but imagined. The visual one is the dominant force that tells us about the potential attractiveness of a mating partner but in todays environment it is more about the fit into prevalent dominant look considered us desired beauty status. Of course nobody besides a few photo shopped models fit that category so we Instagram our selves to as close as possible by using softening and enhancing filters and post away while we consume art like a quick melting sorbet on a hot summer night.

Here is a sample as observed and stalked on such a nightly outing by the wanna-be art connoisseur

all photography copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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