Monday, June 13, 2016

Leo Lee -- Leonardo Julian Rossi -- The Twilight of Berlin at The Ballery by Richard Schemmerer

The Twilight of Berlin

Paintings like chocolate rich and promising, paintings like aphrodisiac for neo-maniacs and light seekers alike that permeate with the death of a society that is in the process to reinvent itself and with it what it means to be human. Life takes all we have and these bodies paid the entry fee and now the party has moved on and all that is left are the remnants of memories that hang around everyone's necks like warning signs.
Leonardo Rossi is a young master honing his craft with every brush stroke. His own beauty is as striking as his paintings that dare us to reconsider the notion of traditional art forms as outdated and to acknowledge that they are more important today than every before as we have the ability to destroy many people in a very short time and doing so as we speak.

But these paintings are not about death or loss but about vulnerability which has become a dirty word in a gun power obsessed world that has no answers but more violence.

This type of art promises us a relief from the daily barrage of trivialities and horrible news events alike because we find solace in them and in the path that leads back to the beginning of it all namely the path of the soul that guides us inwards and towards transformation.

his paintings are currently on view at The Ballery
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