Wednesday, June 22, 2016

9th Berlin Biennale -- upstaging the digital revolution -- by Richard Schemmerer

No it was not the venue, the exhibit, a hot art fresh talent, a sexy German blond or a new gadget but an old man in a simple postal yellow suit that stole the show and made the drag that the art world has become all to obvious. What a great joke on the jokers the DIS collectives of the world the art monger and auction house whores, pardon my English.

He didn't care sure possible empower by a few schnapps but who is counting who cares because nobody got the joke because they have given up their sense of self irony at the temple of art snobbery. Hail to the rebels who don't give a fuck if it matters.
My hats up for the mellow man in yellow at the biggest night in the German art year.

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