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Artist Profile Daniel M. Schmude

Artist Profile and studio visit -- Daniel M. Schmude --
by Richard Schemmerer

Artist Profile Daniel M. Schmude

Berlin art Blog is exited to present a portrait of a serious artist by that I mean somebody who is interested in more than providing decoration for a home but to provide the collector with a conversation piece that inspires a discussion about the state of our body politics in the 21st century. Lots has changed but many things seem stagnant like a rotten pond of water in our brains.

Daniel M. Schmude is one of those artists that wants to be the spring that refreshes this ancient lake of prejudges against the nude male body for example or shine alight at the the still underlying race baiting issues in our daily news.

Of course no issue is just black or white and neither are his photo tableaus. One of his latest projects uses a window as the stage to frame, to capture the personal environment of his subjects to reveal the vulnerability that hovers just underneath the veneer in all of us.

The series was started in Berlin next was New York and now continues in London to give us a glimpse behind the veil, the armor clothing provides us with and allows us to hide behind.

He just finished of a very successful exhibit at the Leslie-Lohmann Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York City called "Medium of Desire."
He is right now in an art show in the German city of Koblenz at Schaustudio (www.facebook.com/SCHAUstudio)
together with Artboydancing, Stephan White.

Daniel is the proprietor of the Berlin based Launch Photostudio (www.launchfotodesign.com) where he creates his artistic master pieces but also provides commercial access for all kinds of photo based services. His professional services can be accessed under

I did a couple of previous interviews with Daniel and here are some excerpts from his train of thought.

How has the Art scene in Berlin changed?

I always loved Berlin, as its a place where creative people still have a chance to work, getting support and live their visions. I do notice that it changes slowly. Berlin became more popular over the past years. More and more people come and move there. The city invests to build more buildings and polish areas up. The rents are getting higher and higher. and that definitely effect the art scene .

Tell me about your background as a gay man in the 21st century?

I pretty much live a normal life and hardly ever have to explain myself to others. The world has changed, the fights other gay people fought in the past, paid off for me. I could marry the man I love, people around don't treat me any different.

What was the idea behind this exhibit "Medium of Desire: An International Anthology of Photography and Video?

Using human beauty, desire, Eros, and sexuality, this new photography based exhibition reveals that cultural differences, whether defined by national borders, sexual orientation, or gender identification, can be simultaneously vast yet familiar. Regardless of one’s sexual orientation or country of origin, feelings of desire, when successfully represented, can serve to minimize our differences and bring us closer. By using the theme “desire,” this exhibition draws together the work of fourteen contemporary artists from China, Japan, Greece, Russia, Holland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, and the U.S., as expressed through the medium of photography and video.

You are working on a people in windows series, can you tell us about the idea behind it?

I started this series in 2011 Berlin,Germany. Most people see their homes as their personal protection, a place to hide, a place to be themselves. I went to peoples apartments and shot them infront of their windows. I personally view the window as an exit to the outside world. The models are half nude or nude, to symbolize´s their is no need for protection or costume´s in their own space of freedom.

see the rest of the interview here

What’s your backround and how did you get into art especially photography?

I grew up with Art. My father is a painter and always painted and drew or created sculptures (abstract or mostly nude bodies or body parts ). I took my first photograph when I was 14 years old. My uncle is also a photographer and took me with him to shoots and to the photo lab. At age 25 I decided to make my hobby my profession. I studied photography at the Best-Sabel Collage of Design in Berlin (2001-2004) and also worked as a photo assistant at the University of Albany, State University of New York (2003). Shortly after my graduation I decided to open up my own photo studio named “Launch” in Berlin. I have worked as an independent photographer since 2005.

What does identity mean to you?

To know who you are and what are you capable of is very important in life. I was a reserved and confused teenager with lots of thoughts and feelings, but no means of expression. I have always been in search of who I am. Photography was always a good way to self-reflect and to finding my identity.

What is your artistic vision?

I want to open up people`s minds with my art work with serious themes, but they should also have fun looking at it. The world is already serious enough and full of moral boundaries.

Here are some statistics about Daniel

Daniel has upcoming exhibitions planned for 2016 in Berlin, London and the USA.

His fine art prints have been acquired by private collections throughout Europe and the USA.


"Fetish on Display", Espacio Gallery, London 2016

"Play on Desires/ Spiel der Begierde", SchauStudio, Koblenz, Germany 2016

“Medium of Desire”, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, Curated by Peter Weiermair.

New York City 2015-16

"Skin",The Ballery, Berlin 2016

“The Male Figures 6”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2015

„Rinaldo´s Salon“, The Ballery, Berlin 2015

"Never trust a pretty face - isnt´t it iconic!?! “, HS-Solid, Berlin 2015

“30x30, No.12”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2015

“November”, The Ballery, Berlin 2014

“Fifty: Fifty”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2014

„Am laufenden Band 4“, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2014

“The Male Figures 5”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2014

„Am laufenden Band 3“, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2013

„30x30“, No.11“, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2013

“The Male Figures 4”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2013

“Something new, something old”, Galerie Mooiman, Groningen, Netherlands, 2012

“30x30, No.10”, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2012

„The Male Figure 3“, Kunstbehandlung, Munich 2012

„Inventory“, Altes Umspannwerk Moabit, Berlin 2010

„Posing for Identity“, Colourblind Galerie, Cologne 2009

„49 Akte“, City-Galerie , Bautzen, Germany 2006





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by Richard Schemmerer

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