Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"Boys Boys, Boys" at Deschler Galerie, Berlin

Boys Boys, Boys at Deschler Galerie, Berlin

Go figure it out for yourself why its called Boys boys boys, after all it was Die Jungen Wilden with their courage to bring back figuration that gave the art world a fresh wind and led to todays exuberant rival through street art.

Rainer Fettig, Salome, Luciano Castelli, Joern Grothkopp and Sven Marquardt give us a glimpse of maleness from the male perspective but not the typical of the alpha male but the carefree playful males we are meant to be.

Gender is just a biological label we give to each other because we forgot that we are equally important in sustaining not just the race but a life worth living. Chauvinism is an invention of a feudal system supported by religious entities to separate and suppress the mass Mensch. The patriarchal systems even today enforce their power by separating us into gender based and sexual preference cast system deemed lower as a hyper masculine gun toting shoot happy nevertheless average man.

Mothers gibe birth to boys, that is something that seems obvious but we as men behave as if we came out of male womb. Somehow in the process we moved away from honoring the feminine the mother, the nature of it all and started to self elevate our entities to a status that is not supported for survival in Nature. We become warriors against our own nature and in the process we decapitate everything else that is in our way of self fulfillment.
Luckely we have became of aware of our mistake and the acknowledge the failure of past doctrines. It might be not to late after all to change course not to have a sex change but find a sexual peace within our own sex.

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