Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIt -- Queen England or it is not the exit or why stupid people should still be allowed to vote by Richard Schemmerer

"Don't brexit if its not broken"

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

BREX-it is not the exit or why stupid people should still be allowed to vote
even if it means twice or until they get it right because the lies of the liars take a little to come to the surface

Queen England

my lady though has made a vopah
not because you don't like you know
the way things went down with you and
the lords of the United Europe
almost nobody's voice was heard
but the faces dared to yell in discussed
in disbelieve that the frustration
could boil over like bangers in hot water
or soccer fans in a foreign stadium
the masses yelling burn it down
before you Brexit but what now
the game is lost the buzz worn off
nothing the Queen can't fix you think
as you pray to survive the hangover
but no the Lords are mad about the fools
no return ticket is offered as a token
of understanding your Prime's plunder
not to talk about the right to oppose
like a boy that ejaculated to early
you inserted your brain into your ass
and now its dark there and smelly
and the spoiled brat is having a tantrum
a sorts of buyers regrets in this case
it's the losers but who cares but the winners
with the billions that you helped shuffle
from the global Kabal to stiff you once more
the small minded men who don't understand
that Brexit means post Europe, means post Future
means suck on your own limp willy for pleasure
the apocalypse seems closer in the rare view mirror
and still they never have enough of it the right wingers
whose ashen wings have long burned to rubble
in the hell of their own making in their own minds
all left over Imperialists now worried what comes home
to roost next to the pristine hypocrisy and its hierarchy
entertained for to long by the power hungry few
who spew hate like cream cheese on canapés for high tea
so you broke what was not broken and now what
you think the Fairy God mother is real
and the Queen still a Queen with power to lead
but the empire is long dead and was build
on the killing fields you seem to so admire
in your foolish blindness seeing only race and color
while you still let bombs drop like slogans
for a high minded culture that eats its own young
to be able to keep in denial of ones own failure
to be the kind of human worth the title humankind
so stop behaving like an entitled outmoded queen
and share the wealth you stole from other far away places

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