Sunday, June 26, 2016

Francesco Cascavilla -- Between you and me at The Ballery

Francesco Cascavilla -- Between you and me at The Ballery

Between you and me, between us, between what we see and what we think are worlds that need to be daily united. What happens on the way from observation to expression and who is the director of our thoughts and allows us to make the right decision that benefit all of us and not just a few even if we are part of the few. It is more then ever important to asked ourselves about our own intentions and motivations and to align them with the higher good of society a society that is as multifaceted as Nature allows it.

Francesco Cascavilla invites us with his photography exhibit to refine our questions so we can find and deeper togetherness rather then to drift further apart.
Our reality is a place of intimacy and to cut out others in the process is against human nature and inflicts great harm not just on the individual but also on the group consciousness resulting in psychologically damaged offspring.

We all can be part of this new healing that is called for by starting with our own personal relationships, starting within ones own shell to extend the partnership to our next of keen and loved ones. This is a calling to be more than ever a loving and kind being worth its time span on Earth.

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