Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Andrea Gålad - The Ivory Tower by Richard Schemmerer

The Ivory Tower

What is it, who is in it, who wants to be in it or needs to be rescued from it. Beauty can be an ivory tower so can be hate or religion even intelligence.

"You seem all here so hideously rich" is an approach that could be used for todays western world who makes a mockery of the old values that once dominated the culture but has now been devalued by contemporary society with its greed for quick fixes.

These tableaus show us beauty uncovered from the remnants of the daily vulgarity that surrounds us. The dressed down society has lost its drive for the superlative, the true essence of our core which is to become not enlightened but awake to the self judgments that hinder humanity to find its center and the connective tissue that blends the mind with the heart.

Andrea Galad dives onto the depth of the spiritual waters to bring visual treasures to the surface of consciousness. He paints with his camera so we also can become aware of the magical, sensual world that is available through our power of observation.

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photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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