Saturday, June 18, 2016

Miss Read Fine Art Book Fair-- the faces of the book art world by Richard Schemmerer

Miss Read Publishing Affair-- the faces of the book art world by Richard Schemmerer

This is a three ring circus and marathon of the minds a laundry list of vices --
this is the culmination of tenacity in the eyes of insta-memories. In a word world, an insta-world -- the word in print matters more than ever before in history. We are on the brink not just on losing our currency of trade namely money as a tangible object but also the words that have informed us and led us out of the darkest ages.

The disposable on-line avatars have replaced the writers of truly mind altering sentences the ones that informed the information age. What if we hadn't these new pioneers the ones that set out anew to make actual reading fashionable enough again to inspire us to become stewards of books and owners of such treasured remnants that feed our intellect rather then numbing it with trivialities.

Faces are behind that wonder and the minds that guide them to such lofty pursuits as to organize and participate in art book fairs as this wonderfully located and organized one named aptly Miss Read to remind us unless we engage in reading we will never learn to miss it and by that miss out on one of the essential pleasures modern life can offer us fairly freely.
The ages of censorship are mostly over and we lost the understanding on how precious the open availability of literary creations are.

So please don't mis-read the online tabloids as for what they are just mere distractions from the true value the word in print has to offer. Go out and don't just buy a book but contemplate what foresight and courage it took each author and the time that was spend so you too could be an informed and literate citizen of this world to come. Small publishing houses are the life line for the writers and without them the true word, the free one dies like an exotic species and will be forgotten with the arrival of the next easy gadget to steal our depth of thought and shorten our attention span even more.

photography and copyright by Richard Schemmerer

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